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ISBN 0-939165-30-9
192 pages, softcover
$14.95 US
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Eating with Conscience: the Bioethics of Food

A plea to consumers for a humane diet

Eating with Conscience looks at our country’s insatiable demand for meat and how this affects the animals we raise in inhumane factory farms for slaughter. The big business of animal factory farming and agriculture is destroying both the environment and our health. This book is written for consumers as well as for farmers and ranchers who are looking for humane ways to raise farm animals, as well as ways to preserve the limited resources of clean air, water, and soil.

Dr. Fox’s arguments, along with disturbing photographs of factory farms, call for a humane diet and for organic farming that cannot be ignored. This book reminds us that what we eat not only affects the Earth’s ecology, but the delicate spiritual bond between humans and animals.

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Eating with Conscience

An excellent guidebook for the concerned consumer. Understanding the ethical ramifications of food choices gives consumers new power to reshape the food system and protect the environment. After you read this book, the array of foods on the grocery store shelves will never look the same.

--Margaret Mellon
Director of Agriculture and Biotechnology Union of Concerned Scientists

After reading this book, you will never again see meat as a benign commodity; it will have a face and a mother. Eating with Conscience will change your world as it did mine.

--Howard F. Lyman, J.D.
President, International Vegetarian Union

Fox writes with passion and conviction, but also with clarity and brevity. He has been an outstanding prophetic voice in society, understanding where current trends, practices, and ideologies inexorably lead.

--Bernard E. Rollin
Professor of Philosophy, and author, Farm Animal Welfare

If we are what we eat, then we are a mess! This book tells us how we can be wholesome again.

--Jim Hightower
Political Commentator/Radio Host

Once you pick up this book, you will not put it down. It makes you think twice about what you eat. Writing with the insights of a veterinarian, Michael Fox observes that conventional industrialized agriculture, with all of the “tricks of the trade,” is rapidly obliterating natural systems, diminishing the health of the land, and jeopardizing our social, physical and spiritual health and the prospects of future generations. This book is a must read for everyone who eats!

--Dr. C. Dean Freudenberger
Professor, Church and Society/Rural Ministries
Author, Global Dust Bowl

Not everyone will agree with Dr. Fox’s new book, but everyone should read it. Together producers and eaters need to reevaluate our food and farming system and make informed choices for the future. Dr. Fox paints the choices before us in sharp relief.

--Fred Kirshcenmann
Farmer, Member of the
National Organics Standards Board

Michael Fox is a person of great compassion and commitment to the welfare of all life. His book inspires others to treat life---and the land and the water and the air---with respect.

--Robert Welborn
Chair, Center for Respect
of Life and Environment

Eating with Conscience raises the right questions and places a wealth of experience and factual data on the plate of a thoughtful consumer. This book is a valuable contribution to the personal deliberation on diet that all of us need to conduct, and a stimulus to the public debate that must now begin in earnest.

--Paul B. Thompson
Professor of Applied Ethics,
Purdue University

Eating with Conscience identifies the injustices wrought by an economic system controlled by a dwindling number of wealthy and powerful corporations. Michael Fox shows us how these issues are connected and, most importantly, demonstrates that every dollar we spend is a vote for a future. If we eat with conscience, we will change the world in a most profound way.

--Anne Schwartz
President, Washington Tilth Producers

This book is a clarion call for consumers to join the movement for sustainable agriculture: By buying foods grown in healthy ways, we can support those good farmers who will shift the fate of rural American---and the world’s environment---away from the unhealthy industrial agribusiness treadmill.

--Loni Kemp
Senior Policy Analyst
for the Minnesota Project

Eating with Conscience is a comprehensive and alarming portrayal of the food safety, human and animal health, environmental, and other high and often hidden costs to consumers of the government-subsidized and agribusiness-driven industrialization of American agriculture. Michael Fox, a veterinarian, provides the expert documentation consumers need to challenge this dangerous trend.

--Roger Blobaum
Former Director, American for Safe Food

Michael W. Fox

Michael W. Fox joined The Humane Society of the United States (The HSUS) in Washington, D.C., in 1976. Over the years he has worked extensively in animal reform. He currently serves as Vice President of Bioethics for Humane Society International and Senior Advisor to the President for The HSUS. In addition, he is on the Board of Directors for the Center of Respect of Life and Environment, an affiliate of The HSUS.

Michael Fox has also developed several technical research programs that applied scientific methods to the investigation of the many uses of animals, notably laboratory, companion, and farm animals. Fox has written extensively on many aspects of animals, and has more than forty books, some of which have received special recognition or science awards. Fox has a nationwide syndicated newspaper column, “Ask Your Animal Doctor.” He is also a consulting veterinarian, and gives lectures, seminars and presentations both in the United States and abroad on a variety of topics related to animal welfare, behavior, conservation, and bioethics.

Dr. Fox has a veterinary degree from London’s Royal Veterinary College, and a Ph.D. in medicine and a D.Sc. in ethology/animal behavior, both from London University, England. He is profiled in Who’s Who in America and in Who’s Who in the World.



Chapter One -- Why Eat with Conscience?

  • Kitchen Anarchists
  • The Consumer’s Right to Know
  • Whom Can You Trust?
  • Making a Difference

Chapter Two -- Factory Farming: A Holocaust in the Animal Kingdom

  • Who Benefits from Factory Farms?
  • Hidden Costs of Factory Farms
  • Animals as Production Units
  • Disease and Drugs on Factory Farms
  • Manure as Hazardous Waste
  • Trace Minerals and Impoverished Soils
  • Animal and Human Hazards in the Slaughterhouse
  • Mad Cow Disease and Animal Tankage
  • Cattle Methane and Global Warming
  • Environmental Costs of Factory Farms

Chapter Three -- The Rotten Roots of Agribusiness

  • Family Farms Versus Corporate Agribusiness
  • Monopolistic Food Industry
  • The Cost of Industrialized Farming
  • Agrichemicals and Pesticides
  • Farmers Health Hazards
  • Pesticides and the Cancer Threat
  • Government Inspectors and Contaminated Food
  • Government Subsidies and Ecological Bankruptcy
  • The Commodity Crop Treadmill
  • The Shrinking Genetic Pool
  • Taxpayers Subsidize Agribusiness Advertising
  • School Promotion of Agribusiness Interests
  • Agribusiness Protecting the Status Quo
  • Wanted: Government Support

Chapter Four -- Genetic Engineering and Biomedical Research

  • No Protection for Farm Animals
  • Who Controls the Food? Who knows what we eat?
  • Concerns and Doubts About Biotechnology
  • Gene Splicing
  • Embryo Transfer and Cloning
  • Who Needs Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone?
  • Consumer’s Rights to Know Versus FDA Agenda
  • Genetic Engineering Versus Organic Agriculture
  • Bioethical Criteria

Chapter Five -- A Sea of Troubled Waters: Factory Fishing and Aquaculture

  • Overfishing
  • Aquaculture, Aquabusiness: A Pharmaceutical Stew
  • Fish Hatcheries
  • Is Seafood Safe to Eat?

Chapter Six -- Beware: You Are What You Eat

  • The Dangers of Eating Meat
  • Poisoned and Contaminated Meat
  • Milk Risks
  • Food and Our Emotions
  • Compassionate Kitchens

Chapter Seven -- Power of the Plate: Eating for a Greener World

  • Less Meat, More Plants
  • The Natural Diet
  • Eating Wrong with USDA Recommendations
  • Foods That Heal
  • Nutritional Considerations
  • Plant-Based Solutions

Chapter Eight -- Stopping the Wasteland

  • Organic Agriculture
  • Humane Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farm Animals in Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Seven Principles of Humane Organic Agriculture

Chapter Nine -- Change of Conscience: Actions and Solutions

  • Initiatives for Concerned and Conscientious Consumers
  • The Ten Commandments of Humane Organic Sustainable Agriculture
  • Chef’s Join the Revolution
  • Consumer Beware: Products from Animal Suffering
  • Pets and Pet Food
  • Gourmet Products to Avoid
  • Community Supported Agriculture

Appendix: Mad Cow Disease Fact Sheet


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